Material: Stainless Steel

Standard:  ASTM A554

Surface treatment: 2B ,Brush / Satin,  Mirror Finish, colored

Grade : 304 or 316


  • Highly versatile and can be put to many different uses including balustrade and wall rail products, buffer rails, card reader bollards, parapet coping rails and many other imaginative applications. It can be specified for use in locations such as private dwellings, shopping malls, offices, hotels, airports and other public places, both internally and externally.


Stainless steel tubes

The shape varies – ranging from oval round, oval flat and oval elliptic. Different wall thickness, materials and surfaces as well as lengths can be produced on inquiry.

Competitive price and easy to install

They are extensively used in various industrial and engineering applications.


Our  Stainless Steel Oval Pipes and Tubes are in various lengths and diameters for meeting the requirement of diverse industrial segments. The strength and durability of our Oval Pipes & Tubes makes them foremost choice of customers based across the globe. We bring forth for our clients, a durable and precisely made array of tubes that are manufactured from premium quality stainless steel of various grades. We can also produce as per customer’s request (customized) on the basis of size, thickness and length as well as other parameters like different surface finishes and colors- we have our own Tube Milling plant and we make sure that the material component and quality are totally up to your requirements moreover we also possess advance machines that are adopted to produce high quality products.

Oval Tubes
76 x 38 x 1.5 mm
76 x 38 x 2.0 mm

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