Material: Stainless steel

Grade: 201, 304, 316

Standards: ASTM A240 / A 240M, ASME SA – 240 / SA-240M, EN 10088

Finishes: Hairline Finish , dull, visible long grit lines


  • Kitchen equipment
  • Architectural- cladding and interior decorations


Hairline Finish –  Simply referred to as Long Grit finish – just like #4 brush finish Hairline finish is obtained by use of finer grit belts or brushes which gives a clean cut  finish with roughness of Ra=0.5microns maximum .This smooth surface makes it particularly suitable for most architectural applications especially exteriors where atmospheric performance is critical

Advantages – it is easier to blend this type of finish after weld repairs are made particularly the hairline version. The Smoother the surface aspect and the more linear appearance of hairline are often desirable design elements.

Disadvantages – these stainless steel finishes are incrementally more expensive than the more popular alternatives. Similar issues exist with respect to microscopic corrosion sites, however smoother is better. Flatness is also problematic with these finishes.

0.5 – 8MM 1.2m. 1.5m 5M


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